Athens Microneurosurgery Laboratory
The “Athens Microneurosurgery Laboratory”, officially launched in February 2013, is situated in the heart of Athens. It is a 200sqm state-of-the-art research and education facility within a beautifully restored neoclassical building owned by Evangelismos Hospital, the largest Hospital of the Balkan region.
The laboratory is adequately equipped in order to accommodate neurosurgeons with special interest in anatomical dissections both in brain white matter and skull base.
The mission of the Microneurosurgery Laboratory is to promote both education and research in the field of neurosurgery with special emphasis on the surgical anatomy of human brain and related cranial compartments.
The Microneurosurgery Laboratory is designed to facilitate both individual and small group dissections workshops. It has 16 fully equipped cadaveric stations with head fixation devices, operating microscopes and micro dissection instruments. In addition, educational activities are fully supported by a conference room with modern audiovisual equipment and tutorial videos
Educational Support and Research
The Microneurosurgery Laboratory organizes hands-on workshops and seminars concerning the latest neurosurgical techniques and medical devices. Hands-on cadaveric dissections provide a thorough three dimensional understanding of cranial compartments and brain anatomy for surgical practice.
The Microneurosurgery Laboratory also supports the research of graduate medical students and basic scientists in the field of Neuroanatomy.
Additionally, administrative and technical support can be provided to several surgical specialties (plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics, ENT etc.) who wish to organize Hands-On Anatomy courses.